aluminum nitride templates

Single Crystal. Performance. Perfection.


AIXaTECH GmbH is a volume manufacturer of aluminum nitride templates on sapphire and silicon.
Our single crystal templates guarantee an excellent crystal and thermal match. AIXaTECH templates
are an essential building block to reduce manufacturing costs, to increase yield and throughput.

Latest News

AIXaTECH receives “Highest Investment and Market Potential Award”November 2018 During the «3rd Shanghai FTZ Overseas Talents Innovation Conference» which was held from October 16 – 19 2018 in Shanghai, China. AIXaTECH was awarded with the trophy for the business with the highest investment [...]


Recent Highlight

AIXaTECH templates – Excellent eligibility for UVC-LED May 2018  
AIXaTECH has launched its new AlN templates series for UVC LEDs. The robust single crystal structure of the AlN layer generated with AIXaTECH’s Low Temperature Epitaxy deposition process is ideally suited as starting [...]



Invited presentation of AIXaTECH at LpS 2018September 2018  
Dr. Volker Sinhoff is invited to speak at the «8th International LED professional symposium and exposition» which will be held from 25 – 27 September 2018 in Bregenz, Austria. LpS is Europe’s leading [...]