Background & Mission

Establishing the German Model of Graduate Engineering Education, Research & Development in the Asia-Pacific Region

South East Asia (SEA), respectively the ASEAN region, is currently in a state of rapid economic development with growth rates exceeding those of Europe and North America. In parallel to this, the Asia-Pacific region is also developing its own structure of academic education, research and technology development, so far, however, widely following American, Australian and English models. German engineering and technology has a high reputation all over Asia, but German-related science and technology institutions and joint ventures are rare in the ASEAN region, though there exists quite a number of academic cooperation programs with German universities, particularly technical universities (TU). Also, even though not yet systematically coordinated, quite a number of joint R&D project activities are conducted in ASEAN together with German partners. 

Mission of the GAST Network

in the ASEAN region with high-ranking universities, research institutions and industry having German affiliations or interest in collaboration, particularly in the area of Engineering Technologies, Natural Sciences and Economics, in order to improve the visibility of German science & technology and R&D collaboration with German partners in South East Asia and to simultaneously provide promotion for Germany as a science location and technology hub.

Current GAST Network Directions

Organization of Travelling Conferences

A first conference activity was the German-ASEAN Conference on Mass Transport Technologies (Travelling Conference, Focus on Railway Technology), substantially co-funded by BMBF, jointly conducted in Jakarta and in Singapore end of May 2010. In this conference, a broad overview on Mass Transport Technology and Railway Engineering Education “Made in Germany”, supplemented by local SEA aspects, was presented to an expert audience.

Early June 2011, the second Travelling Conference with the tentative title “Electro-Mobility for Mega Cities” has been held in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, HCM City, see the conference information under News.

The 3rd GAST Travelling Conference took place in Singapore at 8th November 2012. The title was "Medical Technologies".

Key Technology Areas