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1st German-ASEAN Conference 2010 on Mass Transport Technologies
(Focus on Railway Technology)

On Wednesday the 26th May 2010 the first GAST Conference toke place in Jakarta, Indonesian. This conference provided a broad overview on modern mass transportation technology and railway engineering education “Made in Germany”, supplemented by local expert views. The conference acted as a platform for discussing on how German technology can be applied to solve the prevailing local problems.

Invited speakers were from German industry practitioners, education and research, government institutions such as Siemens, RWTH Aachen University, TU Munich, Deutsche-Bahn International, and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Indonsian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) and Ministry of Transport / RI.

2nd German-ASEAN Conference 2011 on Electro-Mobility in Mega Cities


From May 30 to June 3, 2011, the German-ASEAN Science & Technology Network hosted a Travelling Conference on the topic ‘Electro-Mobility in Mega Cities’, with special focus on vehicle and system components. This year, the overall coordination was in the hands of TU Munich / GIST TUM Asia. The conference took place at the three GAST institutions UKM Mercator Office in Malaysia, GIST TUM Asia in Singapore, and VGU in Vietnam. The conference provided a broad overview on modern technology and education ‘Made in Germany’ with respect to Electro-Mobility, supplemented by local expert views. Therewith, contributions to the sustainable development of megacities, clean, and sustainable environmental technologies applied to prevailing local problems were also addressed.

With over 150 invited participants engaged in the field of Electro-Mobility from industry, science, and politics the conference can be seen as great success. On all three locations the feedback was very positive and also initiated networking between science institutions and industry. The local vening dinner’s added up to that.

The first conference day took place at UKM in Malaysia on 30/05/2011 with about 60 participants. As guest of honor, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Marzuku, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at UKM opened the event. Prof. Dr. Axel Hunger reported about the GAST Network and this was followed by four technical sessions. The current situation and future outlook was presented by Dr. Andreas Hauser of Siemens ASEAN with an interesting talk of Dr. Tobias Bruckmann of the University Duisburg-Essen about E-Mobility – bright new world. Further sessions were on ‘Urban and Traffic Management influenced by E-Mobility’, ‘E-Mobility in South East Asia’ also giving insight in Malaysia’s oil and gas planning by Prof. Dr. Pakharuddin of the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and on ‘Supporting Contributions’. Prof. Dr. Valentin Ivanov gave insight in the research and education methods of TU Illmenau regarding of Electro-Mobility. The conference was concluded by an extensive and content-wise enthusing discussion. Among the participants was also the former president and CEO of Siemens Malaysia, Dr. Rainer Althoff.

On 01/06/2011 the second conference day took place in Singapore at GIST-TUM Asia with major support by TU Munich, opening the conference day with their vice president Prof. Dr. Liquiu Meng. Ca. 50 participants listened to 9 presentations with speakers from university and industry partners such as Siemens and TÜV Süd. Adding up to better networking, also regional speakers from Singapore were integrated. The perception of the conference by participants from industry, research and administrative institutions was very good and in its topic seen as informative and worth to expand. In a networking event and dinner, the day was concluded and let to the decision by the GAST board members to organize further travelling conferences in the coming years.

The final conference day took place on 03/06/2011 at the Vietnamese-German University (VGU) in HCM City and was opened by vice president Dr. Cuong, TU Darmstadt. The moderation of the conference day was carried out by Prof. Dr. Reiner Anderl. Prof. Dr. Pscheid, former president of SGU Indonesia, introduced the participants to the GAST concept and then opened the topics of interest for HCM City. About 50 interested invitees; half of them external, participated at the conference day in Vietnam. The presenting speakers and GAST representatives concluded the day with an evening dinner. The last conference day, as were the first two days, was seen as success by the participants and GAST partner institutions.


The new GAST Office Thailand has now been formally established by signing a respective agreement between AIT, CCIV and the GAST Speaker on Sept, 22, 2011, in Bangkok

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