High Performance on Sa

January 2017

AIXaTECH has further improved the performance of its AlN templates on sapphire and on patterned sapphire substrates (PSS). Latest XRD measurements of templates overgrown with GaN by MOCVD by our customers show XRD 102 FWHM values of below 180 arcsec. Complete LED structures show 5% higher PL intensity in comparison to LED grown in one step in MOCVD. Together with the extremely good surface quality (RMS < 0.4nm) AIXaTECH’s templates are the ideal choice to avoid the influence of the MOCVD reactor memory effect, to avoid in-situ cleaning, to avoid a nucleation layer and to avoid 3D-2D growth. All this are the key for reproducibility, constant high quality and high yield.
AIXaTECH’s templates also demonstrated their capability to serve as base in HVPE. In HVPE the GaN could be directly deposited on the template, eliminating the MOCVD-GaN-buffer-step. AIXaTECH templates have been also successfully used for deep UV LED growth. Here high quality MOCVD AlN could be grown on the AIXaTECH templates.