AIXaTECH with new CEO

January 2015

Dr. Volker Sinhoff is appointed as AIXaTECH’s new chief executive officer. He replaces Dr. Garnet Kasperk, who remains on board as strategic advisor. Volker was formerly one of the founder and managing partner of Aachen based photonics company Ingeneric.
“I’m really excited about my new positon at AIXaTECH. It is a company with a tremendous potential. With its revolutionary technology AIXaTECH can really become a game changer. We are just in the phase of launching our first products. It’s the most interesting phase in the development of a company.” explained Volker. In his former company Volker was responsible for world-wide sales and in addition for the development of the laser system business. His experience with start-up companies at different maturity stages and turning high-tech developments into sales is a great advantage for AIXaTECH.
“I thank Garnet for the great job she has done in the past years and I’m thankful that she remains on board as strategic advisor.” said Volker further. In her new role Garnet will intensify AIXaTECH’s contacts to scientific institutions and identify opportunities for joining interesting research projects. Dr. Yilmaz Dikme, co-founder of AIXaTECH and experienced expert in epitaxial deposition techniques, will stay in his position as chief technical officer of AIXaTECH.