Invited presentation of AIXaTECH at APE 2017


February 2017


Dr. Volker Sinhoff is invited to speak at the next SIA conference « APE – Automotive Power Electronics » which will be held on 26 & 27 April 2017 in Paris. The conference draws the bow from market evolution over system aspects of power electronics components, battery charging and smart batteries up to wide band gap materials, their technology, their industrialization and system aspects.
“Especially the industrialization of wide band gap materials is at the core of AIXaTECH’s business. I’m going to show the contribution of our low temperature epitaxy to make GaN based components affordable for the next generation of electro-mobility” explains Volker the content of his talk.
The key factor determining market growth will be how quickly SiC and GaN devices can achieve price parity with – and equivalent performance of – silicon MOSFETs, insulated-gate bipolar transistors or rectifiers. Price and performance parity is forecast to occur in 2020. AIXaTECH is convinced to contribute a determining piece to the puzzle.