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AIXaTECH – Your Source for Superior Templates

AIXaTECH is a volume manufacturer of single crystal AlN templates, to enable an efficient GaN growth for
LEDs and power electronic devices. Compared with the conventional approach of growing GaN-based layers
in a standard MOCVD reactor on sapphire substrates, the growth on templates generated with AIXaTECH’ s
patented low temperature deposition technology offer decisive functional and cost advantages.



Partner for your effciency

Our technology makes the difference. AIXaTECH uses its patented novel deposition technology to generate cost and functional advantages for the customer.
Today AIXaTECH is a volume manufacturer of AlN-templates for LEDs and power electronics with major markets in Asia and the USA.
The company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Baesweiler/Germany (located in the triangle of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany).
Aside AlN-templates the company offers consulting to tap efficiency potentials along the process chain of GaN-MOCVD.
Furthermore the company is working on novel ways to increase the efficiency of solar cells by adding III-V material layers to standard silicon-based cells.


Single crystal

  • deposition technology
  • material science
  • MOCVD process engineering
  • volume production
  • device design


Five exciting years

AIXaTECH GmbH is founded by Prof. Dr. De Doncker, Dr. Dikme, Prof. Dr. Jansen and Dr. Kasperk as a spin-off company from the RWTH Aachen University
The process development is started.
The deposition system is designed.
S-UBG joins the shareholder consortium. AIXaTECH GmbH is honored by the European Venture Summit as one of the 20 most innovative companies within Europe.
The deposition system is put into practice.
Dr. Volker Sinhoff takes over the CEO positon. AIXaTECH starts serial manufacture of the AlN-templates.