Exceptional Quality. Performance. Perfection.
Customer Satisfaction

Quality means that our customers are satisfied and that their expectations are met. We ensure this by the
systematic and integrated quality awareness of our employees and a good and creative company culture.
This also means to continuously control and improve products and processes.

Quality Policy

Perceived value

At AIXaTECH, we believe that our customers define quality. They do this every day with the products and services they purchase. Customers buy based on perceived value – that is, they measure the benefits against the costs and select the product and experience that provides superior value. We at AIXaTECH, therefore, define Quality as customer perceived value.


Customer satisfaction

Achieving Exceptional Quality and Customer Satisfaction is based on three pillars:

  • Close customer engagement to ensure that we meet or exceed expectations.
  • Establishment of a culture that drives continuous improvement of the quality of products, processes, services and support.
  • Use of principles and practices for reliability and reproducibility to ensure a constant quality level and minimize risk of failure.

Quality Principles

Culture of Quality

  • Simplicity: „We keep it simple.“
  • Culture of constructive criticism: „We talk about mistakes and deal with them effectively.“
  • Cleanliness and Tidiness: „We keep things clean and tidy, so that we have time for our actual tasks.“
  • Clear Directives: „We agree on what we want to achieve together.“
  • Responsibility: „We take responsibility.“
  • Quality Control: „We have our quality under control.“
  • Observe deadlines: „We are on time.“
  • Cooperation: „We work together with the right people.“
  • Continuous improvement: „We are open for new ideas.“