AIXaTECH templates – Excellent eligibility for UVC-LED

May 2018

AIXaTECH has launched its new AlN templates series for UVC LEDs. The robust single crystal structure of the AlN layer generated with AIXaTECH’s Low Temperature Epitaxy deposition process is ideally suited as starting base for AlGaN growth at high temperatures as required for high quality UVC-LEDs. Aside the excellent quality of the grown AlGaN layers, AIXaTECH’s templates are the ideal choice to avoid the necessity for additional AlN growth, in-situ cleaning and nucleation layer.

Excellent UVC LEDs are typically grown in MOCVD reactors capable to allow and withstand temperatures beyond 1200°C. The same requirements are true for the AlN templates – they have to withstand the higher process temperature without altering their characteristics and have to guarantee ideal growth conditions at this temperature level. With its new UVC-series AlN single crystal templates AIXaTECH helps customers to rapidly develop and manufacture at optimized costs UVC LEDs. The customers are able to skip growing additional AlN layers in the MOCVD reactor and instead start directly with the growth of AlGaN. Latest XRD measurements of templates overgrown with AlN by MOCVD by our customers have shown XRD-102-FWHM values of below 400 arcsec. Complete LED structures grown without 3D growth step have shown 10% higher PL intensity and better homogeneity in in comparison to standard templates in MOCVD.