Power Electronics

Power Electronics
Revolution with GaN

The emergence of GaN for optoelectronic applications provides a unique opportunity
for an advancement in power electronics. The substitution of traditional silicon by new GaN devices results in
superior switching speed, temperature, voltage and current performance. The GaN devices thus usher in smaller,
lighter and more efficient power electronics in numerous industrial, consumer and automotive applications.

Market Characteristics

Chicken and egg

Power electronics is considered as one of the most vibrant sector owing to its presence, usage, and overlap with many other industry verticals. Today GaN devices have their place in high end solutions, followed by SiC and silicon that contribute to form the middle and lower end solutions. However with a more advantageous cost structure there would be a high potential for GaN to enter and dominate the market for middle end solutions, too. The question for the device manufacturer is therefore: How is it possible to reduce the costs along the process chain to come up with acceptable prices and superior features and who will be the frontrunner?

AIXaTECH’s Position

Enhanced functionality

With view to power electronics AIXaTECH advantage is its low temperature deposition process. At temperatures of below 300°C silicon does not form an eutectic layer when AlN is deposited on its surface. There is a distinct transition between silicon and AlN resulting in the fact that the semiconductor characteristics of silicon are retained. Combined with the fact that AIXaTECH’s novel deposition tech- nology achieves layers with single-crystal structure, has an excellent price-performance ratio and is capable to deposit layers on substrate sizes of 300mm and larger, AIXaTECH provides a significant building block to master the challenges for exploiting this exciting market.

Customer Benefits

Inherent function & cost

  • retention of semiconductor characteristics of silicon
  • single crystal quality
  • advantageous price-performance ratio
  • direct deposition of intended power electronics layer structure
  • design freedom due to AIXTECH’s patent portfolio