Solar Power

Solar Cells
A vitamin shot with the potential to change markets

Only a niche market a few years ago, photovoltaics is now becoming a mainstream electricity provider, changing the way the
world is powered. To continue this successful path solar energy’s fundamental goal is grid parity: cost-per-watt performance
that matches the economies of scale of existing power generation technologies. To achieve this challenging goal solar cell
manufacturing solutions have to be developed that deliver low cost of ownership and high efficiency.

Market Characteristics

Differentiation is a must!

After many years of growth and innovation, the photovoltaics (PV) industry is going through a challenging period, with shifting market dynamics and a different geographical focus. Besides political challenges or the race for cost-competitiveness against other energy sources, the current challenge for the PV manufacturer is the overcapacity. The central question is therefore: How can I secure or even gain market share on a profitable basis. The answer is easy, but difficult to realize: Differentiation via increased efficiency at an identical cost level!

AIXaTECH’s Position

Essential building block

A substantial increase in efficiency is seen in tamdem solar cells comp- osed of silicon cell and additional InGaN layers. This material mix allows to cover the whole solar spectrum and is thus capable to increase the cell efficiency by over 50% compared to standard silicon cells. The challenge, however is to generate InGaN layers of highest quality and with high In-content. In conventional MOCVD processes with its essential high growth temperatures theses layers lack the necessary quality and the required high In-content. Studies reveal that the growth of InGaN layers with tunable In-content (0 – 100 %) can be fully controlled with decreasing process temperature. A deep pass for AIXaTECH’s low temperature deposition technology…

Customer Benefits

Efficiency & cost

  • InGaN layers with single crystal quality
  • tunable high In-content (0–100%)
  • significant increase in cell efficiency
  • excellent price-performance ratio
  • easy scalable
  • AIXaTECH’s patent portfolio secures customers leading position