AIXaTECH ranked among the most valuable start-ups

January 2020

During the «3rd IPIEC Gobal Final» which was held on 16 December 2019 in Guangzhou, China, AIXaTECH GmbH was ranked among the three most valuable start-ups with a sustainable impact on the semiconductor market.
IPIEC GLOBAL is a contest organized by WTOIP, aiming at scouting distinguished global innovators with the aim of connecting them with entrepreneurial resources, partners and potential business customers in China.
From a pool of 2000 international high tech business cases the jury selected the most promising companies. AIXaTECH was awarded for its novel Low Temperature Epitaxy process. It allows to grow AIN, GaN and InGaN crystalline structures which hold substantial market potential for the semiconductor industry. The jury based its selection on the disruptive cost advantages as well as functional and ecological advantages of AIXaTECH’s technology.
”Our Low Temperature Epitaxy equipment is a corner stone to shaping future markets: MicroLEDs substituting OLEDs for the next generation of displays need to be manufactured at a lower cost level compared to existing production lines. Wide-bandgap high power electronics need to achieve price parity with silicon to be widely adopted including in mass market electric consumer applications such as smart phones, tablets and other battery powered devices. The roll-out of 5G networks will boost demand for highly competitive bulk acoustic wave filters.” says Dr. Volker Sinhoff, CEO of AIXaTECH GmbH. “In addition to these predictable market developments our technology opens up the potential for completely new products like large format LEDs in the size of standard windows or direct epitaxial growth on flexible substrates.” adds Dr. Yilmaz Dikme, CTO of AIXaTECH GmbH.

AIXaTECH CEO Dr. Volker Sinhoff receives the award during the IPIEC Gobal Final 2019 in Guangzhou