Aluminum Nitride Templates on Sapphire

Single Crystal. Performance. Perfection.
Aluminum Nitride Templates on Sapphire

AIXaTECH single crystal AlN templates are used to enable an efficient GaN growth for LEDs and power
electronic devices. Compared with the conventional approach of growing GaN-based layers in a standard
MOCVD reactor on sapphire substrates, the growth on templates generated with AIXaTECH’ s patented low
temperature deposition technology offer decisive functional and cost advantages.


AlN templates on sapphire

  • single crystal structure
  • optimum crystal match
  • ideal thermal match
  • excellent surface quality
  • stress-free wafer due to low temperature process
  • prevention of nucleation layer
  • elimination of long MOCVD or MBE undoped buffer growth
  • optimum price-performance ratio
  • highest dimensional flexibility


Reliable performance

  • reproducible mass production
  • advantageous cost structure to meet your efficiency goals
  • patented design and process for license-free device production
  • advice for optimized MOCVD process engineering
  • customized design to fit customer substrates
  • optimum adjustment of starting layer

Data Sheet

Template specification

Detailed specifications for the AIXaTECH AlN templates on sapphire are listed in the Product Data Sheet.