Expertise Analysis. Measures.
Our Competence. Your Benefit!

As an expert in the field of metal organic chemical vapor deposition processes, AIXaTECH
supports its customers with specific knowledge along the whole MOCVD process chain.


A competitive world

GaN layers deposited via MOCVD are a key feature for a variety of branches: LEDs, high power and high frequency electronics, photo detectors, photovoltaics, etc. For the named products the mass production is typical and thus the need to constantly optimize product features and fulfil at the same time reduced target costs. To adjust correspondingly productivity, a through- put and yield increase is inevitable. With its specific process and system know-how, AIXaTECH can be of help to raise potentials along the whole MOCVD process chain.


Analysis & measures

  • analysis (in-situ and ex-situ)
  • characterization & evaluation (XRD, PL, Hall, etc.)
  • measures (film optimization and performance increase)
  • validation


Optimized process chain

  • improved device performance
  • yield increase
  • higher throughput
  • repeatable and stable process
  • optimum hardware selection
  • system design tuning