AIXaTECH invited to give a speech at the Annual World Congress of Advanced Materials in Osaka, Japan

January 2021

In view of the outstanding contribution in the field of alternative growth methods for wide bandgap semiconductor materials AIXaTECH is invited to give a presentation at the Annual World Congress on Advanced Materials in Osaka, Japan.
Following the great success of past eight years, the 9th Annual World Congress of Advanced Materials (WCAM-2021) will be held on May 19-21, 2021, in Osaka, Japan.

The well recognized event attracted in the past eight years, five Nobel Prize winners to share their opinion and more than 5,500 guests from more than 50 countries and regions both in academic and business. More than 2,000 speeches were presented. The team of AIXaTECH appreciates to contribute to this success story.

AIXaTECH is looking forward to exchange with experts on that occasion. If you are participating in the event, too, please feel free to make an appointment in advance. It would be a great pleasure to meet you in person.