Invited presentation of AIXaTECH at LpS 2018

September 2018

Dr. Volker Sinhoff is invited to speak at the «8th International LED professional symposium and exposition» which will be held from 25 – 27 September 2018 in Bregenz, Austria. LpS is Europe’s leading international lighting technologies conference and exhibition for design, testing and production of lighting systems, controls and equipment.

Aside technologies in applications the conference concentrates on latest updates in the fields of industry and technology. “Especially with respect to the predicted substitution of OLEDs by microLEDs for displays the component price will be a decisive factor for the companies to be successful in this market. I’m going to show the contribution of our Low Temperature Epitaxy process to make GaN based components affordable for the next generation of displays” explains Dr. Volker Sinhoff the content of his talk. Aside this future market, customers gain cost advantages also for standard LEDs or for products in the deep UV range when applying AIXaTECH’s Low Temperature Epitaxy.