Presentation of AIXaTECH at »EPIC Tech Watch« in Wetzlar

March 2019

On 26 February 2019 AIXaTECH was invited to present its “Low Temperature Deposition for Flexible Substrates” during EPIC Tech Watch at W3+ Fair and Convention in Wetzlar, Germany.
The European Photonics Industry Consortium had invited 20 high tech companies to present and discuss latest trends in photonics industry. The EPIC Tech Watch embedded in the platform of W3 FAIR/CONVENTION in Wetzlar, Germany, span from optics over mechanics to electronics.
AIXaTECH was invited to give a presentation with the topic “Low Temperature Deposition for Flexible Substrates”. In contrast to existing growth techniques AIXaTECHs novel deposition technology has the advantage that it works reproducible at process temperatures below 300°C resulting in surface temperatures on the substrate below 200°C. This opens up the possibility to deposit the material also on temperature sensitive materials such as thin metal foils or even flexible plastic material. In the course of the presentation Dr. Volker Sinhoff highlighted the latest findings and outlined the enormous potential of AIXaTECHs Low Temperature Deposition for future markets such as flexible displays or smart clothing.