aluminum nitride templates

Single Crystal. Performance. Perfection.


AIXaTECH GmbH is a volume manufacturer of aluminum nitride templates on sapphire and silicon.
Our single crystal templates guarantee an excellent crystal and thermal match. AIXaTECH templates
are an essential building block to reduce manufacturing costs, to increase yield and throughput.

Latest News

AIXaTECH selected to participate in the Tech Tour World TourJanuary 2021

AIXaTECH was voted amongst the 8 most valuable companies out of the Tech Tour Photonics Programme. With the other seven selected companies AIXaTECH is now invited to participate in the Tech Tour World [...]


Recent Highlight

Demonstration of GaN MISHEMT on Si with AIXaTECH’s Low-Temperature Epitaxy Grown AlN Dielectric GateDecember 2020

Together with the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore AIXaTECH demonstrated metal-insulator-semiconductor high-electron-mobility transistors (MISHEMT) with a low-temperature epitaxy (LTE)-grown single crystalline AlN gate dielectric. The excellent results achieved make LTE grown AlN an [...]



AIXaTECH invited to give a speech at the Annual World Congress of Advanced Materials in Osaka, JapanJanuary 2021

In view of the outstanding contribution in the field of alternative growth methods for wide bandgap semiconductor materials AIXaTECH is invited to give a presentation at the Annual World Congress on Advanced Materials [...]